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There are various reasons why you could have exceeded the term rely:Still creating an successful composition: Do you have a crystal clear prepare and have you stuck to it? If not, can you map out an total structure for your essay and discover spots wherever you have departed from it?Fear of lacking out on something critical: attempt to be selective with examples and arguments. What is your mission assertion or key argument, and how does each and every area assist you make it?Waffling (applying 200 phrases when a hundred will do): operate on building a concise academic producing design.

Even if you happen to be not in excess of the phrase count, this leaves you much more words and phrases for your significant investigation and dialogue. Writing to a term depend. Writing to a word count involves cautious preparing and organisation to make certain that you get your major factors throughout.

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The next points may aid you to stay inside of the parameters that you are aiming for:Plan what your vital details are, and what share of your word depend to Check This Out devote on each and every. Are any sections disproportionately lengthy? Avoid repeating arguments – attempt examining your work backwards (paragraph by paragraph, not phrase by phrase).

This can make it less difficult to spot ideas that are recurring, as you are viewing just about every paragraph individually relatively than your argument as a entire Use subject matter sentences at the start out of every paragraph. This can assistance you (and the marker) to establish what vital position you are striving to make. Are there any paragraphs that are creating the exact same issue? Can you backlink them? It could be tempting to display all of the looking at you have finished, but find the most crucial circumstance studies, and explain why you have chosen them.

This can be evidence of crucial thinking (eg even though several reports have examined X, a key paper is Y because…) Are you employing two hundred words wherever a hundred will do? Just one way of testing this is to work out your Fog Index to obtain out how obvious and concise your composing is. Remember: Obtaining a a lot more concise academic producing style offers you additional phrases to use on factors that are essential, eg important evaluation and discussion. It truly is not just about cutting the odd term listed here and there to get you less than the term depend. The adhering to are some simple guidelines to make confident you keep in just your word count:Find out what counts in the direction of your phrase count (for references, footnotes, abstract, captions, tables, textual content boxes…)Consider combining connected sections or reducing irrelevant sections. Focus on condensing your essential arguments.

Use a concise tutorial producing fashion, eg stay away from excessive hedging, remove redundant adjectives. Don’ts. Lie about your term depend.

Cut sections just to fulfill the word depend. Focus on removing specific text – this will be exceptionally time consuming and will make very little impact on your total depend. Use contractions to satisfy the term rely (eg isn’t, does not, should not) – this is not tutorial. Useful means.

Internal Resources. English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) – Paraphrasing. External Methods. UCL Institute of English – Phrase depend.

Gunning Fog Index Calculator – On-line resource.