It´s not just a Bag, It´s ART

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Sisters Sofia and Natalia Vas also founders of
Wine Art Vas and Natalia Vas as an art brand, today come hand in hand ART VAS Barcelona.
Sofia founder and designer of ART VAS, has extensive experience in the world of commerce and marketing, although her great passion is the world of Art and Fashion.
Natalia is a fashion designer and multidisciplinary plastic artist with a wide international trajectory. His works are realized under the self-taught technique of "Dactilopintura", painted with the fingers without using brushes.
For years both have collaborated on multiple projects, but it is today, when their passion for art and fashion merge and makes them embark on this adventure where they design, develop and create multiple products with a common denominator.
"Dedication, love and work"
ART-VAS, was born in the city of Barcelona with the Vas sisters, family with a wide trajectory of designers and marroquineros lovers of the Art. Art-Vas is created with the vocation to take art to any person anywhere in the world. From our beginnings we have thought that art is a discipline that follows very determined patterns, as far as the artists and the circuits in which their works are exposed. Not everyone always has easy access to this content.
ART-VAS thought it was time to change that concept. That is why ART-VAS opens a showcase for artists to showcase their work and starts their first line of products with a collection of handbags. For this we select the best products for your clothing using 100% leather with the best finishes on the market. Our handbags can be distinguished by being completely MADE IN BARCELONA, with a totally handmade manufacture, aligning itself with our premise as a company,
Our motto "It's not just a bag, it's ART" clearly reflects this concept. With the purchase of ART-VAS, not only will you be buying a product, but you will take a piece of the artist's work and enter a world as exciting and special as art.